Frequently Asked Questions

How do FLAIR® Strips work?

FLAIR Strips are drug-free, self-adhesive nasal strips that promote optimum respiratory health of equine athletes. The Strips are constructed of FDA-approved medical-grade components, including a non-irritating adhesive. When applied approximately 1.5 inches (3.8 cm) above the horse's nostrils, the three plastic supports in the Strip produce a precise level of spring-like force to reduce collapse of the horse's nasal passages and improve airflow.

Why should my horse use FLAIR Strips?

Unlike humans, horses can only breathe through their nose. As a result, all horses experience some level of nasal tissue collapse during physical exercise. This partial collapse reduces the size of the airway, forcing the horse to work harder to breathe. Clinical studies have shown that FLAIR Strips mechanically stabilize the size of the nasal passage opening, allowing oxygen to flow more freely.

What are the health benefits of FLAIR Strips?

Developed by veterinarians, FLAIR Strips are scientifically proven to help horses:

The spring-like action in FLAIR Strips supports the soft tissues over the nasal passages to reduce the tissue collapse that occurs in all horses during exercise.

Horses don't tire as easily so there's more energy available for tomorrow.

Horses wearing FLAIR Strips have been shown to use 5-7% less energy during intensive exercise.

Supporting the nasal passages during recovery helps horses cool out more efficiently and quicker.

FLAIR Strips help prevent the fragile pulmonary blood vessels in the lungs from rupturing during exercise.

Riders and trainers notice their horses are more relaxed, look fresher and catch their breath easier when wearing a FLAIR Strip. The most common statements shared are that “my horse had more air,” “he cooled down faster,” or “she just seemed calmer.” Still others report that horses wearing the Strips are more quiet and less stressed.

Who uses FLAIR Strips?

To help keep their horses healthy, competitors, groomers, trainers, owners and veterinarians use FLAIR Strips for equine athletes in all disciplines and every level of competition as part of their training, conditioning and performance regimens.

Disciplines include, but aren't limited to:

Barrel Racing
Combined Driving
Quarter Horse Racing
Standardbred Racing
Thoroughbred Racing